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New Amsterdam Organics is a medical cannabis store specializes in strain diversity and providing the proper strain to match each customers individual needs. Our focus is maintaining a core connection to land race genetics, while staying relevant with new hybrid varieties. This allows us to bring customers new, high-quality strains while maintaining our root connection to this traditional and sacred plant. We value dedication, accountability, and hard work and will not sacrifice quality for savings. We believe in a natural and organic planet. If we provide for the earth, the earth will provide for us.

Our goals is to procure the finest sinsemilla available in today's market. We pride ourselves in the prdocuts we have and the prices we offer. We aim to be a breath of fresh air in this industry where core values and morals are hard to find. We cater to our customers and will go above and beyond to satisfy our patients needs.

Here at New Amsterdam Organics, passion is key; and we are full of it. We care so much about the cannabis we grow the you will literally taste, see and feel the difference. We grow for quality, not quantity. So when you stop into our store, you will see that this is what we do, and that we do it well. We have a strong drive. We will never stop caring and pushing ourselves to higher levels of quality, customer service and finesse.

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